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After your purchase let me know the color you want .The Key To Sharper Lines & Closer Shaves 

The Essential Barber blade Every Elite To Amateur Barber Needs 

You no longer have to purchase trimmer blades, only to be disappointed with them not cutting sharp and close enough.this blade the real deal....Crispy Sharper Line Ups and Closer Shaves.blade is top of the line modified sharpen to the max...... Brand New  
Genuine Andis Professional 
Blade Set 
For Models GTX, GO and GTO 
These blades have been custom modified by our technicians for the closest possible cut.  
Each one is thinned out by hand to provide the most precise detailing ever achieved.  
These Modified blades are Razor sharp and should only be used by the most skilled of Stylists.  
Item #: 04850 
Size: Trimmer 
Leaves Hair Inch: 1/150 "  
Leaves Hair mm: 0.1 mm  
Blade Description: Replacement blade set for models GTX, GO & GTO trimmers. T-Blade set is used for very close trimming 

These are brand new genuine Andis Blades. They are removed from there sealed packaging only to modify them and then are returned to their original packaging

T outliner blade zero gap sharpened

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