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Features & details

WET OR DRY SHAVING engineered to be used with shave gel/foam or in the shower, may also be used dry for a quick shave or touch up

TRIPLE SHAVE SYSTEM 3 specially designed stainless steel shaving elements work in tandem for the closest and most gentle shave, specialized center cutting blade cuts longer hairs than standard foils

LITHIUM-ION TECHNOLOGY provides a 60-minute run-time, fully recharged in 90-minutes, and 10-minute rapid charge is sufficient for 1 shave

DIGITAL LCD DISPLAY indicates when the shaver is powered on/off and the precise remaining battery life

SMART CONTOUR foil head pivots to work flawlessly on all face shapes with outstanding comfort

POP UP INTEGRATED TRIMMER can be used for trimming longer hair

TRAVEL LOCKING FUNCTION hold down the power button to activate the locking system to prevent the shaver from accidentally turning on

100% WATERPROOF WITH DETACHABLE SHAVING HEAD is easily detachable for thorough cleaning can be placed under running water to rinse away any hair or debris

Style craft shaver

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